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Aviation Jobs Pro

About us

Who We Are

We are a team. We look for each other like family does. Aviation Jobs Pro indeed is one aviation family. What makes us the best is our experience.

Each one of us used to be in a position trying to improve, find the missing link, and make it work in different areas of the aviation world. We faced all the difficulties that one can have. That is the reason why we gathered together and decided to make it more accessible.

Back in the days when it was not so easy to find a new job in aviation or someone to work with,  just with the click of a mouse, we still managed to make it work. Aviation Jobs Pro chose to be the one powering what’s next.


Companies trust Aviation Jobs Pro for its quality network and modern approach towards exploring great talent. We are always aiming for the highest heights. We manage to deliver the best quality answering all your needs.

Everything you may be looking for is here, and we intend to give it to you. Our main goal is to connect. We created the company so that at the end of the day all the companies will be linked to the perfect candidates.  All you have to do is click a button, and all your goals will become our goals. Your progress is our challenge.

We are dedicated to you- Recruiters, Direct employers, and Employees connected to the aviation industry.

And YES- Our team is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even bank and official holidays!

Anytime you feel the need to reach us, we are open for your questions, requests and anything you can think. Aviation Jobs Pro provides and assists you with any information and help you may be needing or looking for in the aviation industry. We are making great things possible because the possibilities are infinite.
​We choose to help you invent the future.

Contact Us

Jobseekers – If you have forgotten your password, please visit: https://aviationjobspro.com/member/lost-password/

Recruiters – If you have any queries about the services offered or general feedback on AviationJobsPro.com, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by using the contact details below.

Company Details:
Copman Ltd.
UIC/PIC 203126077
Sofia 1415, Bulgaria, Dragalevtsi 5 street “305”
Email: info@aviationjobspro.com

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