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How to become a pilot

Becoming a pilot may sound as a difficult task, however it really isn’t, just requires careful planning. Airline pilots job is to make travels and transport cargo and passengers around the world, which is a really responsible job that needs experience and training.

From a very young age, many people dream for this job to work in the sky to travel the world and not just have an office but a sky office.

Becoming a professional pilot requires a lot of knowledge and skills, these people need extreme concentration, and coordination, being a very stressful job the pilot must be extremely calm even in the worst circumstances and conditions.

There are a few ways to become a professional pilot and work in the aviation industry. One is finding a personal program, others find a training program sponsored from an organization, governments have programs for recruiting and training pilots and the last one is applying for a military program.

To be one of the best in the industry, a good pilot takes responsibility for passengers as well for the cargo you carry. Pilot must ensure that they can take care of a few things to begin with, aviation management in general, preflight check, reviewing the weather conditions, evaluation of the airport, the plain condition pre your flight, teamwork.

After landing and the aircraft parked and passenger have disembarked, they have to make sure they did post flight inspection and compile a technical and flight report.

Summary of pilot activities and requirements

  • The pilots must be well rested, to comply with safety regulations and be concentrated while in the sky.
  • The pilots shall review weather reports and other relevant information from a reliable source.
  • Pilots must review the taxi route the take of as well prediction of wind, traffic and ect.
  • Before flight pilot are required to check some of the airplane instruments to check if they work well preflight take off.
  • The pilot will check the safety on the plane as passengers and cargo.
  • The pilots may delegate to the other crewmember about Instruction for takeoff and landing instruction, use of electronic devices and other relevant information.
  • Pilots will constantly check the flight trajectory and make adjustments according to weather and traffic.
  • The pilot has to inform crew and passengers real time updates on flight affecting the time and or other irregularities.
  • Pilots compile a report after landing about plane condition and anomalies.

Pilot license

  • Commercial license authorizes pilots to fly for remuneration, to obtain the license the pilot must compete at least 150 flight hours
  • Private pilot, it is a license which authorizes pilots to fly an aircraft for private purposes. The requirements are a minimum of 40 hours of flight hours
  • Airline transport license, this one lets you fly in airlines, they can start there career by ranking up hours in a smaller fleet or in fly schools. The minimum is 1500 hours

Pilot Jobs Conditions and working hours

Pilot working hours are like in the entertainment industry, working on the weekends and holidays. The daily flight time is limited; in the US, the pilots can fly twelve hours while in Europe regulations are from nine to thirteen hours.

The work schedule may vary from 3 day away from home to three mounts.

Pilot Income

On average pilots reserve from 50,000 to 200,000 yearly, depending on the rank he has and airline company. This includes housing, children schools and medicals.

Now you know how and what to do to get the your dream job and work in a sky office, go to Aviationjobspro.com and find the best fit for you

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