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How to overcome jet lag in an aviation job

One of the frequent questions people ask about aviation jobs is “How do they manage jet lag”. If you’ve ever suffered from jet lag, you know how difficult it’s for the body. So how do professional pilots working in the aviation industry cope with jet lag?

While flying long distastes and it’s the crew members aren’t immune to the effect. Call it a working risk but aviation professionals just have to mange it. Most pilots attend to educational classes for jet lag management provided from the aviation company. Companies have safety protocols that mange and regulate the risk of pilots getting to tired and flying throw to many time zones so that they stay in peak performers.

We have asked and found 6 tips from aviation professional that sheared on how to manage jet lag.

First of all let’s start from the top. What is jet lag?

The human body works as a clock, when it’s sunny the body tells you to stay awake while when it’s dark it tells you that you have to go to sleep, it’s that simple. When it’s dark outside the eye sends a signal to your brain and hormones are released (melatonin). By crossing a lot of time zones and an imbalance is created, the body needs a day per zone to adjust accordingly.

When that clock is desynced jet lag then kick in, the effects are a zombie like state, poor concentration, grumpy mood and messed up sleep schedule

So? How do they do it ?

  1. Drink a lot of fluids

You may have heard this for everything, but drinking a lot of water during and before the flight is very important for the body. The air in the plain is very dry and you become dehydrated quickly. Hydration is one of the key trick to avoid jet lag.

Professional pilot says this – Being hydrated is the best a pilot can do for himself while traveling.

Another professional from the industry says- Mixing water with powdered electrolyte containing minerals is optimal for your body

       2. Restrict yourself from alcohol and caffeine drinking

While reaching for a drink after a long flight sounds like a good idea for going to sleep faster. Researchers say that after having a drink that may help you fall asleep faster but the chemical that is retaliated can wear off quickly and you may wake up in the middle of the night witch messes up your sleep schedule.

Another tip as we are on the topic of drinking is, limit your caffeine intake. People from the aviation industry say that,” When you’re a pilot, that half a cup of coffee will affect you more, as opposed to somebody who drinks coffee all day long and becomes immune to it’ so ‘save the caffeine boost for when you really need it.’

      3. Eat healthy

The benefit of a healthy diet is well known and expert say that having a good diet can help prevent the harsh effect of jet lag.

Flight attendant, advises others to prepare a healthy snack and eat it frequent and often

      4. Exercise

Aviation professionals need a lot of exercise. If you’re tired go have a quick nap but don’t overdo it. When you wake up go have a quick walk a just do some sets of push-ups, this brings your energy level back to optimal and working conditions and best beats jet lag.

Airline crew members say:” Exercise is the single best way to battle jet lag and make my experience better “

A famous airline advises staff to twist, stretch and even walk up and down the aisles to be active during long flights.

      5. Sleep

Finding the perfect hotel can be detrimental for getting a good night sleep. Find a place witch is in a quiet part and it’s dark. Darker rooms can ensure that you can go to sleep faster and can energize faster.

Having a schedule before sleep is a good think. Having one at home is even better you can mimic that routine.

Also, either go to sleep at the local time for your destination or in accordance to your usual routine at home. Flitting between the two and sleeping when you want will only prolong your adjustment period. Civil Air Patrol cadet, Jim Gordon suggests that you should try and stick to your usual routine, even when you’re in a different time zone – however, that is probably easier said than done.

  1. Consume vitamins

A pilot from Berlin, suggests packing vitamin D for the winter time to compensate the lack of sun light. Vitamin D is crucial for keeping bones teeth and muscles in a healthy state. If you’re not a fan of tablets consume foods that have them for example: Tuna, liver, red meat.

By following these few simple but effective steps now you can confidently apply for an aviation job in Aviationjobs.com

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