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What do you need to become an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Been an engineers responsible for aircraft maintenance is a very responsible job that insures the safety of planes and helicopters. Without these people, the planes will remain grounded. This technical work requires professional qualification and certification. Today we will go through what is needed to become a professional aircraft maintenance engineer. Recommended Qualifications Aviation safety activities in the EU are

Managing stress in an aviation job

Doesn’t matter if you love or hate your job, stress hits you at one point or another. The good thing is that you’re not alone. Being stressed in the aviation industry is a common problem that is ignored by aviation personnel. People tend to believe that by reveling that there stressed shows weakness. A recent article said that aviation jobs

Improving your communication skills as a cabin crew member

As a cabin crew member or a flight attendant, you have to communicate with passenger, it’s an essential part of the job. To make a good impression to your passenger for them to feel comfortable this is a necessary. Today we will cover basic communication tips for you to have the right approach. Basically there are two ways to

What does Brexit mean for the aviation industry?

As time goes on the possibility of no Brexit increases, we’ll share with you what can possibly happen to the aviation employment in the industry What does no deal Brexit mean? This means in simple language that the UK will leave the European Union without coming to any agreement. By leaving the union UK will leave immediately the single market

How to become a pilot

Becoming a pilot may sound as a difficult task, however it really isn’t, just requires careful planning. Airline pilots job is to make travels and transport cargo and passengers around the world, which is a really responsible job that needs experience and training. From a very young age, many people dream for this job to work in the sky to

How to overcome jet lag in an aviation job

One of the frequent questions people ask about aviation jobs is “How do they manage jet lag”. If you’ve ever suffered from jet lag, you know how difficult it’s for the body. So how do professional pilots working in the aviation industry cope with jet lag? While flying long distastes and it’s the crew members aren’t immune to the effect.

4 critical mistakes people make in CVs you must avoid

Applying for a job in the aviation industry isn’t an easy thing, recruiters are looking mainly for experience, qualification and a good fit for their team. Something that might surprise you is that there’re looking even for good grammar. Good grammar demonstration shows them that you’re paying attention even to the smallest details in your work and take your job

Mental health care for a better flying career

The freedom you receive and the happiness of working in an aviation job is flying like a bird is a felling you want to keep for as long you can, so a little maintenance to your physical and mental health is a must! To do that a little bit of taking care and thinking about your self is a necessity,

What candidates find most frustrating about their job search…

We asked piloting specialists who came around our Web page what they found most discouraging about their employment search. Have a look at our results below! We checked out 590 aviation specialists on Aviation Jobs Pro. Here’s what they told us about their employment search: We asked: What do you find the most discouraging about searching for jobs? 37% of

What should contain my graduate engineering CV?

CV writing is a pure art.  As you ending educational institution and sticking for the profession that you have been tending for the last few years,  you’ll likely have an extensive circle of competence and experiences  – more than you probably imagine – but outlining them in a design that will influence eventual employers is both fundamental and delicate. It

Aviation job interview – Questions and Answers

If you’ve proposed a solid CV for your initial pilot job, the following step is to interview for it. The air service manufacturer has cultivated significantly over the last few decades, as has the  role of a captain.  Great focal point nowadays is when interviewing a pilot is established around the delicate techniques they must have. Aviators will be expected

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