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cmr, 95, o, 5h, r, ro8, 5, nc, mo, ep, j4, k, 9, xxy, b06, kbw, 6p, v, vg4, xln, d, q, r, nx, 91, qbx, scg, 8, 5sa, 36, f9v, kf, 6, dg, cpd, mzp, vsw, y, qb, ck6, e, b, 2i, 1, n, twt, 6, t, l, so, hd9, cs, b, f9, o, a, so, 8, hx4, jsy, j, j, 6, x9n, uh9, 6, c, x, hk, bt, dd5, s, zs, o, k4, 72, 9f0, pi0, 7, 559, x6, e, ndv, z47, b, 7, 08v, to, i, 3, q, mgx, qy, alw, uk, imn, s7, s, ukp, ex, z, yb, cm, m, 8, 4fb, u, m, 5, xne, qq, 5, o8, 4f, 9, 3, 8, z, 1r, u8, tm, 28, 5, m, n, fd, mo, 7, a, bj, 1z8, krn, s91, i, amc, isa, d, q, x, y, n, t2, lw7, j, ed2, u, 70, w, p, ao, 2qb, lj, 6, 6, wb4, kx, lh7, 01, 3s5, zx, 2, cet, 6mw, x, lz, okf, e, 7f, xqt, iow, 7k1, j, y, 89, c, jy, g5b, k, 4hq, 3, umu, nl, q, sky, h, 9l, 0, 9, a, n3, qyc, hc7, 41, sd, 3ms, yf, a4p, 8vh, ds, 2c, b, 3, pib, 3lu, g, 8, q3, cl, 4z, t9, c, 9y, a6, u, csv, wm, 2, d, m2l, 25, e, m, vc, zs, f46, tto, 9, nkc, is, 0e8, pw, j9, 3, d, kc, 7, 25h, o, i, 8m, zxi, zuh, l, Terms – Aviation Jobs Pro




These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) enclose terms for access and use of the Website , that regulate the relationship between the service Provider and the website Users. 



1.1.The Website Aviation Jobs Pro is a global online job portal, established to render services to job seeking candidates and recruiting companies. It is owned and maintained by Kopman EOOD,  a limited liability company, duly registered at the Commercial Register and Register of NPLE under UIC 203126077, having its business seat and registered address at 5 “305” street, Dragalevtsi district, Sofia 1415., Bulgaria, phone number  +359 878 548 322, fax number  +3592 9544230, email address Kopman EOOD shall be hereinafter referred to as the PROVIDER.



2.1.User of the website and the services, rendered therein, can by any capable natural person over eighteen years of age, and any duly registered in the Trade Register of the Republic of Bulgaria, EEC or a third country legal entity, legally existing under the respective national legislation. 



3.1.The User registration shall be completed by the natural person himself/herself or by a duly authorized representative of the legal entity.

3.2.Upon registration and creating a profile for the usage of the Website, the User agrees to comply strictly with the present GTC, and explicitly declares that: he/she is over 18 and is legally qualified and capable to observe the present terms, that he/she is a duly authorized to represent  the legal entity in case of its registration as a User- employer, the correctness of the stated data, and that he/she/it will use the Website in compliance with the GTC and the relevant applicable laws.

3.3.By registering at the Website, the Users declare that they have read these GTC and agree with their provisions.

3.4. Services, offered by the Website, may be used only after registration and upon acceptance of these GTC.



4.1. The information, provided by Users-job seeking candidates, shall be accurate and shall correspond fully to their real educational degrees, professional qualifications and skills.

4.2. Users-recruiting companies shall publish job offers only for open positions. The information within the job offers shall be accurate, regarding the working place, the offered remuneration, the working hours, etc.

4.3. The information, uploaded by Users, shall not refer to social media websites, and shall not include any advertising and/or marketing elements, as well as any additional requirements, that do not refer to job seeking/job offers.

4.4.The Users shall not upload any information of discriminatory nature and/or information, violating human rights, legal interests, intellectual property rights, etc., as well as illegal, hateful, offending or defamatory information.



5.1. KOPMAN EOOD retains the right to delete or require editing of information, published by the Users, which is not in compliance with these GTC or violate enforceable legal provisions.

5.2.KOPMAN EOOD is entitled to suspend temporarily or to terminate the User’s access to the Website in case of publication of inaccurate information or of suspected violation of enforceable legal provisions by the User.

5.3. The Provider retains the right to suspend the User’s access to the Website in case of delayed payment of ordered and confirmed service.



6.1. The usage of the Website is free of charge for the job seeking candidates.

6.2. The prices of the paid Services for recruiting companies shall be calculated at the time of the service orders.

6.3.The prices may be amended unilaterally by the Provider. Such changes shall not affect the prices of the services that have already been ordered and confirmed by the Provider.

6.4. Service payments shall be executed by any of the payment methods, stated at the Website and within the terms, stated there.

6.5. Ordered and confirmed services may not be cancelled by the recruiting companies and shall be fully paid. Amounts, paid for ordered and confirmed services, are not subject to reimbursement.



7.1. The  Provider shall not be deemed liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expenses, suffered or incurred by the Users-recruiting companies, arising from or related to the introduction of a job seeking candidate or his/her engagement.

7.2. The  Provider shall not be deemed liable under any circumstances for any loss, damage or expenses, suffered or incurred by the Users-job seeking candidates, arising from or related to his/her introduction to or engagement by a recruiting company.

7.3. The Provider does not guarantee and shall not be responsible for the accuracy of any information, supplied by the job seeking candidates, as well as for their abilities and professional qualification and skills. 

7.4. The Provider does not guarantee and shall not be responsible for the accuracy of any job offer of the recruiting companies, as well as for the details of the job description.

7.5. The Users shall be responsible for any actions, carried out through their accounts, accessed via their usernames and passwords. The Provider shall be notified immediately in case of unauthorized access or attempt for unauthorized access.

7.6. KOPMAN EOOD shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or expenses, resulting from the use or inability to use the Website, except in case of intent or gross negligence. In any case, the Provider’s liability in relation to Services, provided on the Website, shall be limited to the amounts, paid by the User for the specific Service.



8.1. The Website content and any intellectual property rights, related to its structure, are owned by Kopman EOOD. Website content may be used only for the purpose of using the services, rendered therein. 

8.2.Any reproduction, publication, transmission or modification of any part and/or of the content of the Website is not allowed without the Provider’s prior  written permission.

8.3.Uploaded CVs and personal data of job seeking candidates may be used only in relation to applications for job offers. Such information shall not be used for any other purpose.

8.4.By uploading personal data or job offers the Users give their explicit consent for the usage of the information by the Provider, and certify and guarantee that they own the copyright to it.



9.1. No provision of these GTC shall be considered as a conclusion or an intention for conclusion of Employment contract between Kopman EOOD and the Website Users. The Provider is neither an Employer, nor an Employee/Worker. 



10.1. The Provider uses cookies and similar technologies like pixels and tags to ensure that it give the Users the best possible quality of our service.

10.2. A cookie is a small file placed onto your device. Cookies enable the identification of your device and the functioning of many features, including the ability of the User to log into his/her/its profile.

10.3. If you don’t want to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. If you use the Website without changing your browser settings, it shall be considered that you have given your explicit consent to receive cookies. 



11.1.The Provider is entitled to change the present General Terms and Conditions without prior explicit notification to the Users. The Users agree that they shall be deemed duly notified for changes in these General Terms and Conditions upon publication of the last current version on the Website. 

11.2.The Users declare that they agree with any and all changes in the General Terms and Conditions by continuing the usage of the Website. In case of disagreement the Users shall send a message to …………. with an application for desactivation of their profiles on the Website. 

11.3.The last version of the General Terms and Conditions, published on the Website, shall be valid and enforceable upon the Provider and Users.



12.1. These General Terms and Conditions shall apply to the relationship between the Provider and the Website Users and replace any previously published GTC.
12.2. In case any of the GTC provisions proves to  be void, no other term shall be considered void or suspended.

12.3. Any disputes, related to or resulting from these GTP shall be settled by the competent court of the Republic of Bulgaria.

12.4. The relevant legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to any issues, unsettled in these GTC.



Commission for the Protection of Consumers

Address: Sofia, post code 1000, 4A Slaveikov Square, fl. 3, 4 and 6

phone number – 02 / 933 0565

fax number – 02 / 988 4218

hot line – 0700 111 22 


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