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What do you need to become an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Been an engineers responsible for aircraft maintenance is a very responsible job that insures the safety of planes and helicopters. Without these people, the planes will remain grounded. This technical work requires professional qualification and certification. Today we will go through what is needed to become a professional aircraft maintenance engineer.

Recommended Qualifications

Aviation safety activities in the EU are controlled by the European Aviation Safety Agency in short EASA.

Line maintenance Certifying Mechanic, this task requires an A category license, by having this license you can perform minor maintenance tasks and replace parts on an operation aircraft. Usually takes place at night or returning flights.

For obtain this license you are required to be complete a six-mount course and then gain a year of experience. The other route is a self-improver that consists of independent studies or attending courses and gain 3 years of professional experience.

Base Maintenance Certifying Technician, this is a category B license and its needed for being able to perfume more complex maintenance work, it allows you even to certify your work or others. These mechanics work on planes that aren’t in service or have to go through major repairs.

Again there is a self-improvement course of action. It is gain by five years of experience plus self-studies and relevant courses.

Aircraft maintenance qualifications do not follow a linear path and mechanics can focus their expertise on specific disciplines and different aircrafts. It is worth noting that timescales can vary from one category to the next, especially when comparing an approved course to an independent modular course.

Helpful skills and desirables

This job isn’t like a simple fix for example switching your car’s windshield wipers, it’s really demanding and stressful, people’s lives depend on you. After beaning accepted, you must pass a medical and some companies send you on a color vision test.

In this job you’re requires to work with a team it’s not a solo sport, being able to solve complex problems, posses experts technical understanding, you will be tasked to read a detailed engineering drawing. Also on top of that people] are required to have a good science and math knowledge.

Safety is a big must here, there a methodical steps that are completed so that health and safety is ensured.

What are the working conditions?

You can expect working conditions and shifts like and entertainment job, working night shifts, holidays and on the weekends, engineers must be very flexible.

If you like traveling you can be given that opportunity, some companies may require staff on other location and you can be send for a while or there is a problem with a plane taking off somewhere you can be send again as an emergency squad.

Unsurprisingly, many tasks will also need to be completed outdoors, sometimes in cold and wet conditions.

A bad part of this that is mostly an outdoor job, you can expect to be wet and cold in hard whether conditions when a job needs to be done now.


A lot of potential can be found in an aviation industry job such as maintenance engineer. Statistic show that the demand for new engineers is rising and there is no sing of going down.

A fully qualified engineer may also be able to advance to a supervisory capacity.

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