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4 critical mistakes people make in CVs you must avoid

Applying for a job in the aviation industry isn’t an easy thing, recruiters are looking mainly for experience, qualification and a good fit for their team.

Something that might surprise you is that there’re looking even for good grammar. Good grammar demonstration shows them that you’re paying attention even to the smallest details in your work and take your job seriously.

Looking out for these mistakes will save you from losing your dream aviation job.

Mixing up tenses

When applying for a job and especially an aviation job the CV is the first most important thing, because it can make or break your first impression. Did you know that in a CV everything apart from your current role should be written in past tense? This common mistake isn’t seen well in aviation recruiters’ eyes.

Imagine you being the recruiter and receiving this CV in your mail.

  •     Maintained engines
  •     Performing safety checks on planes
  •     Designs new aircraft systems

A little bit confusing right? This leaves an unprofessional impression. Fixing this mistake is simple just double check and make sure that everything except your current role is in past tens. That simple!

Punctuation mark confusion

Wrong placements of punctuation marks can cause reading problems even for the most grammar proficient people.

Common mistakes is its/it’s

Its/it’s is the most common mistake and we will explain a bit more for it. This common mistake is caused by mixing possessive apostrophe and plural.

To explain it as easy as possible –it’s meant it is and its means it something belong to someone.

If you’re unsure about where to put what where take the time and research online when, what, where. There are a lot of online resources one click away.

Homophone mistakes

Very similar to the it’s/its mistake

The top mistakes people do in CVs is using their instead of they’re, your instead of you’re, to instead of too and the most noticeable using affect when it has to be effect. And again very simple fix, do a bit of research because it can help a lot in the long run.

Passive voice mistake

Often using passive voice is not noticed and you don’t realize it. But doing it in a professional environment can leave a bad impression from the aviation recruiter to your CV.

Recruiters want to see your involvement in something not that something happened somewhere. Show them that you were there, you had responsibilities there and helped something happening.

While this can be hard and more difficult for some people avoiding these mistakes it can definitely save your dream job. Take the time to look over your CV, let someone read it and see if there’re some mistakes that are missed and then submit it.

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