What do you need to become an aircraft maintenance engineer?

Been an engineers responsible for aircraft maintenance is a very responsible job that insures the safety of planes and helicopters. Without these people, the planes will remain grounded. This technical work requires professional qualification and certification. Today we will go through what is needed to become a professional aircraft maintenance engineer. Recommended Qualifications Aviation safety activities in the EU are

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Improving your communication skills as a cabin crew member

As a cabin crew member or a flight attendant, you have to communicate with passenger, it’s an essential part of the job. To make a good impression to your passenger for them to feel comfortable this is a necessary. Today we will cover basic communication tips for you to have the right approach. Basically there are two ways to

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What does Brexit mean for the aviation industry?

As time goes on the possibility of no Brexit increases, we’ll share with you what can possibly happen to the aviation employment in the industry What does no deal Brexit mean? This means in simple language that the UK will leave the European Union without coming to any agreement. By leaving the union UK will leave immediately the single market

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