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Falcon Aviation is a market leader in providing Charter Flights, competitive, flexible in house and 3rd party aviation support services for the oil and gas, leasing, management and MRO services to its clients covering a wide range of industries.

From pilots, engineers and ground operations to technicians and flight planners, there are hundreds of people behind the scenes at every step who make your experience possible and memorable at Falcon Aviation. Our well-managed and coordinated team understands the importance of their individual roles while working in harmony to ensure your journey is undelayed, peaceful and beyond your expectations.

Falcon Aviation’s key to success can safely be attributed to their enchanting ability of keeping their customers happy and content. Our crew of talented professionals never fail to ensure that your entire experience is up to the mark. The company takes pride in making sure that our entire staff stays focused on its teamwork ethic.

Our Vision: To be at the leading edge of the aviation industry in the MENA region.

Our Mission: Providing paramount aviation services that perfectly blend quality, safety and customer services and port Arabic hospitality, pride and company spirit to unparalleled heights.

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