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Improving your communication skills as a cabin crew member

As a cabin crew member or a flight attendant, you have to communicate with passenger, it’s an essential part of the job. To make a good impression to your passenger for them to feel comfortable this is a necessary. Today we will cover basic communication tips for you to have the right approach.


Basically there are two ways to communicate to passengers. Verbal and non-verbal, your job is to know when I which to use for every situation you encounter. Knowing when to use which skill in the costumer serves world can make or break your career in the aviation industry.

Verbal Communication

There are two components to good verbal communication you need to perfect. Tone and word choice. The way people react to your words is dependent by your tone. The tone is not a constant you need to perfect and choose wisely your tone for different people. Its different for family, friends, colleges, boss and strangers. For your passenger to understand you as intended and leave the right impression you need to be able to adapt and know when to talk friendly or firm depending on the situation.

Word choice is the other important technique you need to master. Word choices and tone must work for you in sync. Passenger won’t take well if you’re flippant. Sarcasm is also a bad thing in these types of situations. Doesn’t matter how much the passenger deserves it or how good you’re with sarcasm just don’t do it. Communication managers suggest: Make sure you aren’t interrupting the passenger by finishing his sentence. Don’t sound too bossy to them also. Try different voice tones and find what works best and how they react.

Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication may be more important than verbal. This consists on how you look and dress, is your uniform in good condition and ironed. This shows the prestige of the company and your professional look shows you take your job seriously, that leaves a good impression to passenger even if they never speak to you, and they’ll respect you. Be mindful on your aroma, body odor is a big no-no, but on the other hand don’t overdo it on perfume and cologne.

Something else you should consider is eye contact when interacting with passengers. Eye contact show you are listening and is a sign of respect, just don’t keep It to long because it come as staring and some people fell uncomfortable by prolong eye contact. Good body language is a necessity for perfecting non-verbal communication. A recruiter says that, gestures like folding arms, leaning against the cabin door too casual or even slumping maybe seen in the eyes of the passenger as unprofessional. Using to many gestures with your arms may be a sing of nerves also coastally adjusting your hair and clothes.

When a passenger is speaking to you, lean toward them to engage in the conversation and show you’re listening. Noding from time to time shows you are engaged in the conversation and leaves a good impression. Your entire body should be facing them when your in a conversation not just your head. Under no circumstances should you be rolling your eyes or even frowning; try to keep a genuine smile on your face during your passenger interactions.

Good communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is at the base of every positive customer interaction, and it’s essential to master them to become a great cabin crew member.

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