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Mental health care for a better flying career

The freedom you receive and the happiness of working in an aviation job is flying like a bird is a felling you want to keep for as long you can, so a little maintenance to your physical and mental health is a must! To do that a little bit of taking care and thinking about your self is a necessity, so that looking at the blue skies is as pleasurable.

First let’s talk about harder to determent and see problem. That’s the mental health, these problems are hard to spot at first glance and is been talked about as of recently because is costing the companies more than just money, it costs workers their livelihood and passion. This problem need to be taken care of and fast. To avoid the perils of mental health problem you need to know and learn to see the sings to be able to help your colleges, your dearest and most importantly yourself.

The World Health Organization has a few important thing to say about the problem:

  • Mental health is more a problem than just the absence of mental disorders.
  • Mental health is an important part of overall health, there is no health without mental health.
  • Mental health problems are can be caused by a wide range of factor, environmental ones are part of those.

I can’t have a mental health problem? 

By swapping different offices doesn’t mean that you are protected by the problem, for your example swapping a normal office environment with a sky office doesn’t mean you escape the stress. Often juggling between home life and travel-heavy work life can be taxing as well. It’s important to know how the lifestyle you live can get out of hand and to know how to bring the balance back to normal. Let’s begin misconceptions about the aviation jobs

As glamorous as working in the aviation industry is from the outside, people believe that things are 100% fantastic for the crew. The normal misconception is they are having the time of their life every day, well not every day that is the case.


How do I know?

The most common mental health problem symptoms in aviation jobs are stress, anxiety and depression, which affect your hormonal health. The changes your body experiences by changing the environment, travel conditions are beyond your control. Some fliers are more sensitive to these factors but no one is 100% protected from mental health problem. Top tips besides sharing feeling and talking about the problems is getting regular exercises. This raises the feel-good factors your body produces known as endorphins

What can I do?

Something as going just on a walk can cleared your mind and is a real stress reliever. One of the most valuable tools has to be the ability to turn to a fellow crew member who really understands the lifestyle you lead, so make friends easily so you can support them and be supported in return.

Another one is getting enough sun light. Our bodies need sun light and the lack of it lead to negative effects to our bodies and minds.

Having someone to call to talk to in any eventuality should always be an option. If all else fails there is nothing like a wee galley chat in the small hours over a hot beverage to put the world to right and lift the spirits.

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Happy Landings!

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