What candidates find most frustrating about their job search…

We asked piloting specialists who came around our Web page what they found most discouraging about their employment search. Have a look at our results below!

We checked out 590 aviation specialists on Aviation Jobs Pro. Here’s what they told us about their employment search:

We asked: What do you find the most discouraging about searching for jobs?

37% of aviation specialists told us the most discouraging part of a employment search is not hearing back from an employer about a career. As explorers, it is hard to answer to every candidate, but for those who come to the final stages, a force should be made to connect them – after all, they’ll have spent a lot of time arranging, maybe traveling etc. just to interview with you.

24% said developing a CV was discouraging, while 22% again said requesting for jobs online was discouraging.

15% said they found the waiting period after achieving an interview the most upseting.

9% said arranging for an interview was the most discouraging form, while 4% said a poor recruitment process was the worst. When asked to detailed, one of the most important reasons that came out was regarding not hearing back about a job after applying.

We also asked job candidates what was the most discouraging part about writing a CV?

25% said the time it takes to type a CV was the most discouraging form.

24% said formatting depressed them, while 19% said creating their individual review.

17% said creating about their business involvement was discouraging because it took up a lot of time, and 8% said the abilities section was questioning.

9% said writing that writing about their learning was the most discouraging part of creating their CV.

The next question we put to jobseekers in the piloting industry was: What’s the most discouraging question you’ve been asked in an interview?

This was a clear text question – we’ve elected a few of the more famous responses below:

  • Why do you want to be employed here?
  • Characterize yourself
  • What is your weakest point?
  • What earnings are you directly on?
  • When will you be wealthy?
  • What are your beliefs?
  • How did you exit your final job?
  • Explain your experience
  • Why should we employ you?
  • What do you want to do with your life?
  •  The last question we asked job candidates was: What’s the most discouraging part of applying for jobs online?
  • 24% of aviation professionals said adverts that don’t display a salary band discouraged them when asking for a new job.
  • 22% said a intensely large list of requirements on the job advert was discouraging.
  • 13% said that a job advert that doesn’t include enough information on the corporation itself was frustrating when applying for a new job, while 13% said not enough information about the role.
  • 11% said a extremely large importance on past action discouraged them when requesting for a new job, while 7% said other. 8% said they found spelling mistakes/grammatical mistakes discouraging on a job advert.

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